Monday, June 25, 2012

Time is Growing Short...

A week from now I’ll be gone from here…This is the week I say goodbye to Laredo, TX.

As departure day gets closer I’ve become ridiculously sentimental. I have even been known to get misty eyed as I put groceries in my cart at H.E.B. Oh, how I love H.E.B! Not just the store itself but I always see friends, hear Latino music and experience the local vibe here in an everyday sense.  I love this part of my life, where I feel like I blend in and get treated like everyone else.  

Oh… Laredo, my friends, my family here (not blood relatives) - my heart aches and I’ve not been gone a day yet!  I love so many of you, so many things about this place. I’m forever grateful to God for my nine years in Laredo, TX! Nine years!!!! What a treasure you will always be to me. I will not forget you. You are mine, mine, mine…

Laredo hasn’t always been easy though. I remember the time we had some crazy neighbors in Plantation, a few monumental battles with UISD teachers/administrators, some near death experiences on the road during Paisano season, wanting to pull my hair out over the numerous blunders at a few of the doctor’s offices here… and last but not least- the horrendous problem with nepotism that hobbles just about every public and private office/business in this city (Laredo, you can do better!).

Despite those ugly parts of life here, the good far outweighs the bad. Therefore, I’m likewise compelled to share some of the sights I might see on a nearly daily or weekly basis over the last nine years. In case you're curious, here are a few pictures that show you my world -in no particular order:

  • The paleta man and his cache of frozen treasures- melon, coco, sandia, and of course… mango! Paletas are Mexican Popsicles but are made with real fruit.  The Paleta Men are local heroes who brave tremendous heat in order to deliver frozen fruit pops to everyone they can before they  run out for the day. Paletas are $1 typically and well worth it. 

  • Talavera bowls and Mexican tiles. 

  • Nopales y tuna (aka... prickly pear cactus and "tuna" is what we call the fruit, or the pink part seen here)

  • Amazing athletes that play soccer like pros (kids included! Futbol is an AMAZING sport in this town)
  • Laredo’s amazing tacos- Number one reason to visit Laredo!!! This place has tacos that will bring you to your knees!

  • Corn On a Cup... No, I did not write that incorrectly. People here also "get off of the car".

  • Sunsets from the HEB Plus parking lot. This is not an actual photo from that exact location but it is a beautiful shot of a Laredo sunset. 

Here's another off of the same Loop 20 - breath taking sunsets here!

Heatwave Berler... the most enthusiastic man about 100 degree weather that you'll ever meet! 

  • Mariachi bands!!!  This was  a group of high school mariachi bands that met for a world record session in Laredo, but you can find a number of wonderful groups all over town. On the north side you can usually find them at Taco Tote or Taco Palenque on Friday night. Mariachis maintain a beautiful tradition in South Texas.  

  • Very pointy cowboy boots.

  • Sunday brunch at La Posada Hotel. (I think they stopped serving Sunday Brunch but you can set outside and enjoy margaritas and tacos anytime)

    • The way people smile and try to pretend they don’t notice my poor Spanish pronunciations (in the photo is my friend, Lily, who was almost a pro at hiding her smile when I messed up in Spanish). 

  • Green jays and other amazing birds in our unique landscape. Laredo is well known to bird watchers for the many beautiful and sometimes endangered bird species that winter here. 

  • Mr. Foster, a local legend/choir director. Thank you, Mr. Foster for all your amazing work with the UHS Choir.  You truly made a difference and your hard work does not go unnoticed! 

  • The smell of carne asadas coming from neighbor’s backyard.

  • The Monte.  This part of Texas is called Scrub Country. Huisache and mesquite trees are short,  the cacti are profuse and there is a lot of clay dirt and rocks in between. Almost every plant in this part of the country has serious thorns. Trust me when I tell you, well hidden rattlesnakes, javelinas, white tail deer and coyotes fill this landscape. It took me a while but I learned to think of this as a beautiful place.  

  • The awesome views from La Bota, Laredo Stepping Stones, and The Holy Spirit Retreat Center. This one is a photo of the Holy Spirit Retreat Center, run by the community of St. John.

  • Laredo’s Farmer Market in Jarvis Plaza (website here will tell you more!)

  • The yogurt nieve at La Palatera, Springfield/Calle Del Norte.

  • Kumar and Monica Matani and their amazing bead store at Santa Maria/Zaragoza- shopping in El Centro!

  • The awesome plays and musicals at LCC and TAMIU, also the Laredo Philharmonic.

And the plays/musicals....

  • Citrus trees! 

  • Pozole with cabage and lime on top.

(Why yes... I do realize there is a theme going on here, it's just that the food is seriously amazing down here!)

  • Mexican candies and mangonadas. Thank you, Cynthia... Sweet and Sour does have the BEST ones in town!

  • Hearing doves outside my window every morning.

  • Making tamales with dear friends!  (thank you, Gloria!!)

  • Neighborhood Chihuahuas… every street here seems to have one or two. And yes, some of them are dressed up the max! The one on my street isn't nearly this cute, though.

  • Mexican Birthday parties!!!!!  Sorry, gueros... you can not compete!

So, we aren't going to know where we are going for a while but we do know this... We love the place and the many people we leave behind. Thank you, Laredo, TX.... it's been great to be included and made a part of the big family.



  1. Good post! It's nice to see all the good things Laredo has to offer. Glad you liked my picture! :D

  2. Hanneyjo, put a link on here to your blog, please. I'll post it below your sunset photo!

    1. here ya go!

  3. Awww. You made me a little homesick. There is so much great stuff there. I think we miss the people the most (the food, the pinatas, the parties and the sunsets are a close second). Good luck on your new adventure!