Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ending Phase 1: Savoring DC and Falls Church, NOVA

Wrapping Up DC- Part 1

We are definitely starting to feel that familiar feeling- the temporary mindset that kicks in when you are on the count down to leave a place. Sean and I will start thinking, "we should have steak tonight because we may not have the chance to eat it again for a long time", or tacos, a falafel or BBQ. We start trying to imagine what we will miss once we are gone. I still find it amazing that I live in the DC area and have had too many trips to the museums to count and have gotten to know a few of the neighborhoods around town.

Savoring DC and Falls Church/NOVA-

This is what a Cherry Blossom Tree looks like in full bloom. Glorious!

Cherry Festival 2013

Due to a winter that seemed like it was being managed by an indecisive administrator with ADD, the wise old DC Cherry Blossom trees held off and waited for Winter and Spring to finally stop their feuding and get their act straight.  Finally, about April 10th (give or take a day) the blossoms hit their "peak" and it was more beautiful than I had expected. I would go far as to say that it was Breath Taking! This DC event should be on everyone's bucket list if you appreciate flowers or if want to experience the thrill of having pink petals rain down on you. This is a such a neat and beautiful thing to experience. If only the timing were easy to predict- that's the thing.

Here are few pics:

Cherry Blossom Petals storm. Notice the pink piles down the street.

 The Cherry Blossom Festival is a big deal around here and the entire thing is mingled with many Japanese cultural events. The same day we went to see the blossoms we also went to the Japanese Street Festival which I can't say was much fun because it was SO CROWDED and maybe a little weird but the people watching was pretty unbelievable.
 I've never felt so boring and old in all my life.

I can say that the Cherry Blossom Festival is amazing and very much worth the waiting (and that includes the line for the porta-potty).

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