Sunday, August 5, 2012

A-100 Journal 3- The Offsite

 We turned in our bid lists early last week. This took a lot of the tension out of the building, but like a bad action-movie villain it hasn't gone away. Things will slowly build up until by the end of next week for Flag Day it will be as tight as a violin's highest string amongst the class.

Some will be able to put the upcoming Flag Day out of their minds until then, taking a fatalistic approach. If you are destined to be the public diplomacy officer on lovely Diego Garcia (not an actual post), then there is nothing you can do about it. The mathematically inclined among us may start a poll of high rankings and make a spreadsheet of it. The truly wigged out may find any number of reasons to send a friendly email to the Career Development Officers (I for one welcome my new CDO overlords), not to lobby, you understand, only to inform. Any and all of us will probably resort to fried foods, fatty deserts, or alcohol in some combination just to help the time pass.

This week ended with the offsite. If you have ever been to a "Team Building Event (c)" for your company, you know how agonizing this can be. Some people take these things as serious as an atom bomb, some flake out, and nobody wants to really do a trust fall or tell a group which kind of tree they would be. Well, this isn't like that. Everyone takes it serious, the work part and the fun part. I won't share any details because some people reading this may find themselves going to an offsite one day, and by God nobody told me the score!

I will say that after this event, I have learned a lot about myself, the quality of the people I work with, and just how hard you have to work to get over yourself whether you are leading or following. Rest assured, dear reader, that as fun as the event was, the 168th A-100 Class was at work, and it was a very productive time.

T-2 weeks to Flag Day, and then the shape of our immediate futures are revealed. At some point before then I will probably have french fries, cookies and an Irish coffee as I prepare for meditation.


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