Sunday, August 12, 2012

A-100 Journal 4- It's Just the Rest of Our Lives

It's T-5 days and counting until Flag Day. On the plus side, the fine folks at MED have been expanding our list of possibles. This means our chances of being posted to Washington, DC are going down. But it also means OUR CHANCES OF BEING POSTED OVERSEAS ARE GOING UP.

So now we are putting circles around more cities on the worldwide availability map. We are also looking at what housing we could possibly afford here in Northern Virginia that would keep our kids in the same school that we are registering them for this week just in case. Will I need to learn some crazy language, or instead learn how to budget more tightly than we ever have?

We were told by some not to worry about our first post. After all, it's only two years and then you take another bite of the apple, right? Then we heard a talk from someone more senior in the service who told us that the course of our lives will be changed forever on Friday. Both are true in their own way. I am just about ready to go ahead and get the news.

I DO hope we don't move back to the Texas border. All my friends back in Laredo would laugh so hard at that. "Pos, you joined the foreign service and after six months of the best training money can buy, you moved a total of nine miles away from your old home? That's what you get, Mr. Smarty Pants."

In the end, we have seen God's hand at work in this whole thing. Passing the test. Passing the QEP. Passing the Oral Assessment. Getting our security and medical clearances in record time, and getting hired before I even knew that I was on the registry. Our home sold at a price we could live with fast enough not to hamstring us financially. None of this was expected, and none of it was done in my own strength. Someone has His hand on this endeavor, so we can't believe that any of this has been a coincidence or mistake. No matter where we are sent or what that means for us, we are confident that we are being sent there, not just ending up there.

If only that stopped the anticipation and worry. At least it's only five days.



  1. My breath is baited! Can't wait to hear. You'll all look lovely in pith helmets!

  2. Can't wait to hear where you are headed. Good luck!

  3. I know God will come up with the ideal location. I look forward to hearing about it soon.